The new original packaging is a deep blue.

Label as closure seal
The label must always be undamaged. For smaller packaging, the label is affixed across the edge of the opening flap. For larger packaging it is affixed across a surface and a security seal is applied across this edge.

The Motorservice safety code
Can only be read with a special magnifying glass.

Each brand - one packaging. Either with the logo from Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, BF or TRW EngineComponents.

Holospot (four-digit) with 2D matrix code
The Holospot shimmers on the label. It contains 4 digits. These match the last four digits of the complete 2D matrix code.

The complete 2D matrix code
You can enter the complete code into a checking screen and get a green light.
To the online check

TRW EngineComponents is the name and mark of TRW Automotive Inc.